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Title 2017 Second Semester Sungkyunkwan University International Student Entrance Ceremony
Writer Manager Date 2017-09-06 Hit 454

The Sungkyunkwan University International Affairs Division (Vice President: Jachoon KOO) held the 2017 second semester entrance ceremony for international undergraduate students at 1:00pm on August 26th in the 600th Anniversary Hall, Joo Byeong Doo International Hall. 350 out of a total of 406 new students attended the ceremony.


At the ceremony, Hee Cheol CHAE, Director of International Student Services, and Sa Wee MA, Vice President of the Chinese Student Association, each celebrated the new students’ admission through a congratulatory speech, and Ji Hyun PARK (Business, 17), the representative for new students, and all new students in attendance swore an oath to lead a sincere university lifestyle. After the first part of the entrance ceremony was over, for the second event the new students were divided into LC classes to greet each other, receive information about the school system, and participate in recreational activities.


In his congratulatory address, Director Hee Cheol CHAE encouraged the new students by saying, “You were all selected as students with excellent grades and now you have entered Sungkyunkwan University at the end of a fierce competition. Here at Sungkyunkwan University, you will learn and become proficient to challenge the world with confidence.”



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