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Data Science (Interdisciplinary)

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The “Data Science” program was launched in 2015 in response to social needs and demands as we advance through a  “big data” era. Data Science is emerging as one of the prominent new academic disciplines and professions in the 21st century. However, it is noted that the demand for data scientists far outweights the supply.


Domestic colleges have provided curriculums related to data analysis and technology, but not many colleges offer courses for the application of information technology to solve real world problems. The “Data Science” program at SKKU aims to discover new insights for decision making and predictions, as well as to educate data experts who can extract actionable knowledge from data.


The curriculum for the interdisciplinary undergraduate program was formed based on openness and convergence collaborating with other academic disciplines including; Library and Information Science, Statistics, Computer Education, Business Administration, Consumer and Family Science, and German Language and Literature.

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Introduction to Data Science, Introduction to Information Science, Introduction to Information Classification, Introduction to Information Organization, Information Retrieval, Information Behavior, Designing Database Systems,I ntroduction to Health Science Information and Informatics, Information Analysis and Evaluation, Principles of Metadata, Statistical Data Management, Computer Networks, Quantitative Method for Consumer& Family, Qualitative Method for Consumer&Family, Introduction to German LinguisticsII Practice in Big Data Analytics, Practice in Data Visualization, Practice in Health Information Systems, Practice in Health Information Systems 2, Principles and Practice in Data Mining, Digital Humanities, Research Data Analytics, Social Data Analytics, Designing Semantic Web Systems, Designing Metadata Systems, Principles and Practice in Data Curation, Principles and Practice in Programming, Introduction to Statistical Inferences, Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Statistical Data Mining,Data AnalysisⅠ, Computer Graphics,Internet Servers Administrations, Visual Programming, Consumer Survey & Analysis, Analysis of Consumer Needs,Applied German Linguistics, Computer Security, Principles and Practice in Machine Learning, Fundamentals of Project Management


In 2014, as SKKU Library and Information Science(LIS) became a member of iSchool Consortium, Data Science track was launched under the leadership of LIS. The iSchool Consortium is a global academic organization dedicated to advancing the information field and its member schools share information, people, and technology to achieve common goals. 


SKKU Data Science has three goals: building a student-centered, open educational platform; making creative convergence educational environment; implementing iSchool-based global-standard educational programs. To accomplish these goals, we support student-centered study groups academically and financially. Data Science made an interdisciplinary curriculum cooperating with other departments by offering courses like ‘Big Data Analysis”, “Data Visualization”, “Statistical Data Mining”, “Computer Network”, and “Business Management Information System”, etc. It is also to fit in iSchool-based global standard curriculums.

Other than curriculums, we have extracurricular programs such as Global Camp, Vision Camp, Issue Camp, and Coding & Statistics Camp. These programs are to boost up students’ basic knowledge and skills on computer programming and current issues related to information and data science. We have department-level student exchange agreements with universities of the U.S. and Europe, so students have chances to study abroad in University of Pittsburgh, University of Washington, Indiana University, Florida State University, University of North Carolina, Penn State University, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and University of Tampere, Finland.


Why Choose Us?

We Are the First Mover. Despite the fact that there is extreme imbalance in terms of demand and supply of data analysis specialists on the global level, no Korean university had a department in a undergraduate level to educate and train data professionals who can collect, analyze, manage, and store data, and only a few universities are opening graduate programs in this field recently. Therefore, the newly launched SKKU Data Science program can play a role as the first mover in Korea by educating and training data specialists corresponding to current technological, industrial, and social demands.


We Pursue Globalization. As we became a member of the iSchool Consortium, we try to make iSchool-based global standard educational programs. We organize a series of distinguished lectures by inviting professors, data scientists, and entrepreneurs from various countries. We have inbound and outbound exchange students with universities in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. With these opportunities, students not only learn advanced studies, but also achieve global minds. In addition, English lectures in data science track are composed of 44% of the curriculum in 2015 and the rate is growing.


We Educate Future Data Scientists. According to Harvard Business Review, data scientists will be one of the most popular jobs in 21st century. They are professionals who can bring meaningful insights from results of data analysis to solve rapidly growing social problems as well as collect, analyze, and visualize data. Our curriculum, extracurricular activities, and global programs pave the way for students to be confident data professionals.