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Glocal Culture Contents (Interdisciplinary)

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Glocal Cutural Contents were established aiming to not only cultivate a faculty for active and critical audience for various cultural contents, but also to raise talented people who are able to work in the field of cultural industries with cultural literacy and knowledge. For this purpose, we are offering training courses in the study of basic knowledge of  humanities.


Furthermore, you can criticize or design various cultural contents in the world for yourself. This major covers a broad range of issues; culture, literature, media, institutions, locality, and so on, and it seeks the convergence of Humanities and Social Science. Students progress into careers as a game scenario writer, movie screenwriter, TV writer, cultural critic, novelist, and poet, and may be engaged in studio work such as; broadcasters, government-sponsored cultural institutions and various cultural institutions; publishing companies, event and festival planning companies, and various IT industries. In recent years, the interest in the cultural industry has increased, therefore, cross-cultural studies needs talented students to help navigate the field.

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Department in Detail
1. Educational Objectives

 ▶  The department aims to be active and critical audience of various cultural contents. It is also our goal to cultivate talented people who can work in the field of cultural industries. Based on the knowledge of humanities, we expect to understand the interaction of culture and criticize or plan various cultural contents in reality.

2. Courses and Curriculums
Category Core Major General Major

Students aiming

for Learning

Understanding of the Modern Culture, A View of Culture, Understanding of Cross-culture and Comparative Literature, Sex, Class, Tribe and Multiple Cultures,,, Understanding of Japanese Pop Culture, Comparative Understanding of Aesthetics Wolrd Cinema and Cultural Exchanges, Culture and Representation, Study of Comparative Literature and Culture, Understanding of Japanese Pop Culture, Study of Korean Pop Culture, Public Narratives, Korean Literature and Gender, Comparative Understanding of World Myths

Students aiming

for Professional Jobs

Understanding of Cultural Trends and Analysis, Modernity Glocal Cultural Community, Hallyu, Understanding of Intercultural Communication, Understanding of Japanese Pop Culture, Planning & Creative Writing the Video Content, Humanity and Cultural Management Understanding of Fantasy Cultural Contents, Cultural Content Industry in Modern Japan, The Contents of the Publishing Culture and its Business, Planning & Creative Writing the Broadcast Content, Media and Modern Culture, Criticism of Modern Literary, French Literature and Visual Art, Management for Moving Image, New Media, Cybercommunication Theory, New Media Contents


 ▶  The department focuses not only on developing active and critical individuals to deal with various cultural contents, but also on cultivating talented ones who would possibly work in cultural industries. We provide students educational procedure, encouraging them to criticize or design various cultural contents in their own ways based on a certain level of knowledge of humanities, pursuing the understanding of the interaction between the concepts of ‘global’ and ‘locality’ that has been emerging recently.

Why Choose Us?
1. Reputation

▶  Since 2006, most students have completed the course, which is a major linkage course of the College of Literature.  It aims not only to become active and a critical audience of various cultural contents, but also to raise talented individuals who can work in the field of culture industry. Understanding the interaction between 'the global' and 'locality' based on culture based on Humanities and level culture of humanities, and providing a curriculum that criticizes or plans directly on various cultural contents in reality.


2. Future Career after Graduation

▶  You can go into areas such as; cultural industry company, game and film scenario writer, drama writer, cultural critic, novelist, poet, movie company, broadcasting company; government support organization for culture, various cultural organizations, and event and festival planning.