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Translation and TESOL (Special Graduate)

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The Department of Translation was established at the Graduate School of Translation-TESOL at SKKU in 1999, with a mission to produce highly qualified and competent translators, and to meet an increasing demand for professionals in the field of translation amidst Korea's rapid economic development and globalization, as well as its growing exchanges in the global world.


The curriculum offered at the department focuses on professional training in English-to-Korean and Korean-to-English translation of advanced texts in humanities and literature, as well as practical texts in journalism, mass media and technical writing. The curriculum is designed to combine both theory-based translation teaching with actual translation practice to help students understand, interpret, analyze, and resolve various problems that arise in the process of translation. The faculty comprises of professors of English Literature at SKKU, and those who have either studied translation or have years of hands-on translation experience in various fields.

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    31716, toegye hall of humanities
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    :25-2, Sungkyunkwan-Ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
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Department in Detail
1. Objective of Education
  • Cultivate Professional Translators with Expertise in Language and Culture
  •   - Cultivating professional translators with expertise in language and culture
  •   - Training internationally certified translators
  •   - Educating experts linguistically qualified and well-versed in global cultures
  •   - Educating professionals with expertise in intercultural communication
  •   - Promoting expert knowledge and cultural awareness among future translators
  •   - Developing skills required for selecting appropriate information
2. Academic Programs



3. Vision and Future for Graduates

Since its establishment, the Department of Translation has served as a strong link between professional translation and students. An increasing number of graduates are now active as professional translators in diverse fields and are engaged in publication as well.

Why Choose Us?
1. Reputation

The 21st century is based on information and knowledge, and it seems that the meaning of the English language will be more than a superficial one as time progresses. The Graduate School of Translation and TESOL in Sungkyunkwan University does not simply aim to teach English, it aims to play a role in helping each student to understand English, and to be concerned with the skills of teaching English (in English) as educators themselves.


Our Graduate School of Translation and TESOL is already becoming renowned as a top-educational institution in the field of English translation and TESOL in the short-term history of our country, thanks to a faculty who have been constantly developing teaching methods, and those competent students who are going step by step, closer to their goals in related fields in the school and community.

2. Special Activities

The Graduate School of Translation and TESOL in Sungkyunkwan University holds the Sung Kyun-Translation Contest to increase the phase of literature translation in the era of globalism, and to contribute to the development of literature translation in Korea.


The Sung Kyun-Translation Contest aims to select excellent translations made by students in respect to untranslated works of English, domestically. It also aims to provide students who are interested in this field the opportunity to experience practical translation and to win prizes.

3. Scholarships for Students





Achieve more than 3 courses & Average GPA 4.00 or more
Hold a high rank in the department

To be determined

Public Officer

Public Officer entering (incorporating) the Special Graduate School

15% of tuition fee

Teacher, School Inspector

A exchange student who studied in Sungkyunkwan university

(for academic exchange agreement)

full tuition fee
(included entrance fee)

Student Contribution

Achieve GPA 3.00 or more & receive credit for his/ her service 15% of tuition fee
(included entrance fee)

Recommendation (special)

Recommended by the Dean

of Special Graduate School

To be determined

SKKU Family

Siblings are our students

at the same time

1,000,000won (1 time)

Military Entrusted Student

Military entrusted students entering(incorporating) the Special Graduate School

30% of tuition fee
(included entrance fee)