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Korean Language and Literature

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With the founding of modern SKKU in 1946, the Korean Language and Literature program was established by Donam-JoYunje who was the head of Classic Literature History Studies, and Park-Jong-hwa who has contributed greatly to modern literature.


Over the past 65 years, our department has defended the tradition and honor of Korean language and literature studes, and more than 2,500 students have graduated from our department. As key citizens, they play very important roles in every area of society, especially as grade school teachers, university professors, writers, poets, critics, journalists, publishers, and entrepreneurs. 


We study the traditions and realities of the Korean language and literature systematically and comprehensively. The main areas are divided into Korean Literature and Korean Linguistics.


Korean Literature is composed of classical literature including; poetry, prose, literature history and Chinese culture in Korea of the traditional age, as well as modern literature including; poems, novels, plays and criticism. We also look at the language and cultural phenomena of the modern age. Korean Linguistics is an area where students can study the history of the Korean language, letters, phonology, vocabulary, meaning, the changes in grammar, used cases, and so on.


In addition to these education courses, we also manage an education course which is related to how to write poems, novels and criticism, and in order to satisfy the needs of modern times, we connect with East Asian Studies, Comparative Culture, and Glocal Culture to provide a variety of refreshing educational courses.


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    : #31611, 3rd floor of Toegye Hall of Humanities
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    :25-2, Sungkyunkwan-Ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
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Department in Detail
1. Educational Objectives
  -To foster students with insight into humanity, and who have excellent self-expression based on an in-depth study of Korean
     language and literature
   -To train talented students who can contribute to society, and professional researchers who can contribute to the
     development of Korean literature by with their knowledge of the field, as well as extensive knowledge of the humanities and
2. Courses and Curriculums
Category Core Major General Major

Students aiming

for Learning

Korean Phonology, History of Korean Modern Literature, Korean Morphology, Understanding of  Korean Literature in Chinese Calligraphy, Introduction of Korean Linguistics Studies, Introduction of Korean Literature Studies Korean Semantics, History of Korean Language, Korean Syntax, Classical Novel, Classical Poetry, Sino-Korean Novel, Modern Korean Novel, Criticism of Modern Literary, Reading of the Middle-Korean Language, Investgation of Writers of Classical Literature, Investgation of Modern Writers, Study of Modern Play

Students aiming for Professional Jobs

Readings in Classical Poetry, Modern Poetry, Readings in Classical Prose, Modern Novel, The Korean Orthography, Understanding of the Modern Culture Reading of the Modern-Korean Language, Readings in Hyangga-Koryo Kayo, Thoughts in Korean Literature, Modern Korean Poetry, Craft of Novel, Craft of the Poetry, Korean Literature and Gender, Understanding Cultural Criticism

Students aiming

for Double Major

The Korean Orthography, Understanding of the Modern Culture, The History of Korean Classical Literature History of Korean Language, Classical Novel, Classical Poetry, Modern Korean Novel, Criticism of Modern Literary, Study of Modern Play, Literary Theory


3. Specialty in Major
   Korean Linguistics
   Korean Classical Literature
   Korean Modern Literature
Why Choose Us?
1. Reputation

The department is working on the vitalization of academic activities of graduate students by holding a colloquium linked to the Society of Bangyo Language and Literature. Also, we lead the trend of the latest research in culture, medium and the combination of linguistics and culturology. The international academic conference held in 2015 is an example of events that the department has hosted for foreign students majoring in Korean Language and Literature.

2. Special Activities

 High-School Writing Contest

   (1) Date: Every October

   (2) Participant Target: All high school students
   (3) Program Overview: The writing contest is for high school students all over the country. The writing field is divided into

         verse writing (poetry) and prose writing (essay, conte etc.). Among the winners, the selected student from the judging

         committee is awarded 'Yulgok' scholarship, which pays half of the school fee, over 8 semesters.

3. Support for Students

SKKU provides master-doctorate linked courses and the ‘Shimsan’ Scholarship Program, and the department autonomously provides the ‘Gigok Kang, Shin-hang’ Scholarship Program as a student support system. The ‘Gigok Kang, Shin-hang’ scholarship program is for students who have a master’s degree in the Department of Korean Language and Literature and are currently on the doctoral course. Also, the department holds literature tours every year to encourage the exchanges among students and cultivate literary attainments.